Sierra Leone is slowly recovering after its recent disastrous civil war during the war many foreign investors and companies pulled out or suspended operations in the country.

Since the return to democracy after restoration of peace and successful elections, investors are once again eyeing the possibilities and opportunities.





The Sierra Leone economy is based on four main areas:

  • – Mining
  • – Fisheries
  • – Agriculture and
  • – Small-scale manufacturing.

Mining of dimaonds, bauxite, gold and rutile, provides the country´s main sources of foreign currency.

Agriculture and fishing are the main occupation of an estimated two-thirds of working population, much of this subsistence farming and artisanal fishery.

Manufacturing activities are predominatly the processing of raw materials and light manufacturing for the domestic market.

Much of the social and physical infrastructure was destroyed during the civil war, with the mining and agricultural sectors being hit the hardest. However, the economy has been recovering rapidly through strong international support and Government rehabilitation efforts.
Sierra Leone has a rich history of agriculture, fishing, textile-making, gold-working, and professional trining and practice.

Investment Opportunities in Sierra Leone

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10 Reasons To Invest In Sierra Leone

  1. First mover advantage – 5.4 million hectares of arable land
  2. Attractive fiscal and non-fiscal incentives
  3. Significant Hydro and irrigation potentials
  4. Easy access to land with smooth facilitation process
  5. Significant untapped mineral deposits
  6. 5% Projected real GDP growth rate – 2017
  7. Strong privatization and divestiture program scheduled
  8. Duty-free access to lucrative markets (USA, EU and Asia)
  9. Lonely Planet Top 10 tourism destination – 2009


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