Gold export in Sierra Leone, Diamond export in Sierra Leone, Gold Exporter, Diamond Exporter

Gold and Diamond Exporting From Sierra Leone:

With Encore we assure our clients and partners guaranteed delivery of their gold, diamonds or other exported products. With the numerous setbacks in getting a dependable and legitimate company to safely deliver your precious goods, we see the need to bring to our clients our seamless export processes.

The KEY advantage we offer to our clients when it comes to them trusting us with their export of gold, diamonds and valuables is that we work with only licensed government exporters who are in good standing, have a pristine track record and delivery rate. Your whole export process are standardised, well documented and transparent.

With our systems in place, we are able to provide secured delivery via air, sea and land.

Gold export in Sierra Leone, Diamond export in Sierra Leone, Gold Exporter, Diamond Exporter

Sourcing gold and diamonds from Sierra Leone is one thing. EXPORTING successfully without endless stories and petty scams is another. Let us manage your export process in accordance to set standards and best practices. We not only work with licensed exporters by the Sierra Leone Government, we do our own due diligence on exporters to make sure they are in complete good standing and have a pristine record.

Our Export Related Services

Chartering Services (Air, Land, Sea)

With the available deep industry connections and contacts to various agents and carriers globally we are able to provide bespoke chartering services for our VIP clients. This includes chartering of private jets and other custom requests. We also process permits, landing rights and more for various sectors.

Customs Procedure Facilitating

Our aim is to reduce the wait and lead time for our clients. We aid in smooth customs clearance for you and your business according to local and international rules. We use our knowledge to tailor individual solutions that can help you make well informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum to save costs.

Air Freight Facilitation

When it comes to securing space for global delivery of your gold on diamonds on air freights for our clients we are number one.

With the global partners we work with, we can guarantee you good rates. Our service comes with adequate and reliable cargo monitoring front the point of pickup to delivery so as to give our clients peace of mind and provide a professional service.

Easy & Safe Business in Sierra Leone

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